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October 16 2015
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Tuesday morning, Cerner co-founder, chairman and CEO, Neal Patterson addressed more than 14,000 health care professionals, clients and associates at the Sprint Center.

Here are 10 topics that were addressed during Patterson’s keynote.
1.    Perhaps the biggest news from this year’s keynote was Geisinger Health System’s decision to collaborate with Cerner and implement Cerner’s HealtheIntent? population health management platform. The system-agnostic platform will aggregate clinical and financial data from Geisinger’s core electronic health record (EHR) and other sources. See the official release here.

2.    There was an all-star lineup this morning with guest appearances from: Dr. Karen DeSalvo from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Christopher Miller the program executive officer for Defense Healthcare Management Systems, Captain John Windom from the U.S. Department of Defense, Ralph Lawson from Baptist Health South Florida and Dr. Alistair Erskine from Geisinger Health System.

3.    The U.S. Department of Defense discussed the rigorous process of selecting a supplier to digitalize the health records of 9.7 million military beneficiaries and the scope of a project this size, including 55 military medical centers and inpatient hospitals, 352 health clinics, 282 dental clinics, more than 300 U.S Navy ships and 2 hospital ships.

4.    Miller elaborated that this will be a partnership and not a unique Cerner-build for the project. Captain Windom said the procurement was equitable, fair and transparent and any challenge to the selection could be defended.

5.    DeSalvo and Patterson spoke candidly about the new interoperability roadmap and moving to a set of nationally recognized standards, with the need for data to move seamlessly.

6.    Ascension Health, the largest nonprofit health system in the United States, is the most recent Cerner client to sign up for CommonWell services. Ascension’s health care facilities add approximately 600 provider sites to the CommonWell network.

7.    During a client update, Ralph Lawson from Baptist Health South Florida quoted ‘Cerner’s strengths as a public company and transparency’ as key characteristics that influenced the selection of Cerner's EHR and population health management platforms throughout its entire system.

8.    Patterson reinforced his mission for patient-centric interoperability and the personal story of his wife, Jeanne, who has carried bags of health care documents from one location to another around the country during her battles with cancer.
9.    One of the most engaged tweets from Patterson’s keynote was:

10.  Patterson also provided his unique perspective on the consolidation that is occurring in the payor market, and believes HealtheProgramsSM will support the revolutionary change where providers and large employers will work together in a more coordinated fashion to deliver higher quality care at lower cost.