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October 13 2015
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We started Day 2 of CHC15 with an animated general session from Dr. Ben Goldacre, co-founder of He discussed the value of transparency in clinical trials and how it leads to the improved health of consumers. By creating a wide range of data, we can stop the misuse of evidence that convinces people to buy goods, services or ideas that aren’t helpful. He believes evidence-based medicine is the future of health care.

Karen DeSalvo, National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, spoke with us on Periscope about interoperability and the Interoperability Roadmap. Her scope is available through our Periscope account until 5 p.m. CT.

We held four power sessions throughout the day:

  • Four industry experts spoke on how to overcome legal and compliance concerns around interoperability. Deven McGraw, deputy director for health information privacy in the Office for Civil Rights, shared that HIPAA requires providers to share data with the patient when asked and stressed that we must create a community of trust. Paul Uhrig, EVP, Chief Administrative and Legal Officer at Surescripts, urged the standardization of attributes that will more successfully identify the patient.
  • Jeff Townsend, EVP and Chief of Staff, and Marc Probst, CIO at Intermountain Healthcare, discussed the shift in mindset for “improvement technology” and continuous change. With their iCentra EHR implementation, Intermountain practiced six-week releases, which enable teams to move quickly and create an environment of continuous improvement.
  • John Glaser, SVP, led a discussion with telehealth leaders at Intermountain Healthcare and Northern Arizona Healthcare around their organizations' telehealth population health management strategies. Remote patient monitoring, telestroke and home video visits are a selection of the tools these organizations are using to support their telehealth programs.
  • Tim Kelsey, national director for patients and information at NHS England, presented on global achievements in public access to quality health information and comparative data. Kelsey discussed how data and its beneficial use can extend healthiness of long life, but transparency and participation are key. He also echoed the urges for people to have access to their own data and empower them to have a voice.

Throughout the day, we hosted over 140 education sessions on a variety of industry topics. Attendees walked through the Solutions Gallery to better understand our solutions, learn best practices and talk with Cerner specialists.

CHC15 Day 3 will be action-packed with Neal Patterson’s keynote, four power sessions and the Bash! Don’t forget to use #CHC15 on social media.