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August 17 2016
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As the Jan. 1, 2017 start date for the proposed Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA) rule quickly approaches, it has become one of the most discussed health care IT topics. I recently participated in Health Standard’s weekly #HITsm Twitter chat, along with other health care thought leaders, to discuss MACRA.

The discussion focused on how MACRA can positively impact patients. There were discussions about the path to Alternative Payment Models or the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) and challenges associated with determining the best course of action. I reminded participants that MIPS is based off existing value-based programs and would leverage the work many organizations have already done to get them through the initial transition. I also noted that the use of different sources of data, coupled with analytics, can be a strategic enabler in the future.

Included are some of the top tweets from the chat and links to two blogs published by John Travis, vice president of regulatory and compliance strategy at Cerner:

MACRA blogs
MACRA – Keep Your Head and Stay Focused
Cerner’s Response to the MACRA Quality Payment Program

Topic 1: What is your impression of MACRA on a high level? #HITsm

Topic 2: What does MACRA mean for solo practices or small groups? #HITsm

Topic 3: How can organizations prepare for MACRA now? #HITsm

Topic 4: What is the relationship between MIPS and MACRA? #HITsm

Topic 5: How will patients feel the impact of these changes? #HITsm

Sam Grefrath,Director of Regulatory Compliance Practice

Sam Grefrath Director of Regulatory Compliance Practice Cerner


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