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October 6 2015
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We have a lot to look forward to during this year’s Cerner Health Conference (CHC). Intermountain Healthcare will have a significant presence leading up to and during the four-day conference. We are proud to participate in many CHC events, including the fall Cerner Physician Community (CPC) meeting.

In total, Intermountain will contribute to seven education sessions, three power sessions and more than a dozen additional appearances and events. There are a few sessions and activities I’m particularly looking forward to.

On Monday morning, I’ll join Jeff Townsend, Cerner executive vice president and chief of staff, to discuss how we believe the acronym “IT” should evolve to mean “improvement technology.” We will share additional insight of this mindset and the strategic organizational change that developed from the implementation of the Cerner and Intermountain system we call iCentra. In our presentation, and in the presentations of my colleagues, we look forward to discussing our implementation methodology and the ongoing collaborative approach we’ve developed. Intermountain and Cerner’s agile practice involves six-week releases, which enable teams to move quickly and create an environment of continuous improvement.

Our physician experience is a significant area of improvement we will touch on. With Cerner Advance technology, we use data and analytics to effectively monitor, compare and increase physician efficiency within the electronic health record (EHR). Cerner Advance can identify users that need assistance and understand their specific areas of improvement. An action plan is created with set goals and engagement metrics. The program then evaluates the provider experience and identifies suggested improvements.

Cerner Advance can also examine patterns and behaviors of a targeted population or larger group. We can identify an opportunity for adjustments in the EHR based on habitual activity. For instance, at Intermountain, we received data on our order patterns. With this information, we decided to proactively change the workflow design to include drop clicks and then create a “My Quick Orders” section. All of this coincides with our culture of continuous change and agile development. We’ll highlight this during an education session Monday, Oct. 12, at 4:15 p.m.

We also plan to showcase our advances within Intermountain’s Care Process Model (CPM) during the Primary Care Clinical Decision Support session. With the launch of iCentra, you may remember that we integrated Intermountain’s innovative CPMs with Cerner technology. Intermountain CPMs now leverage Cerner Smart Care Pathway framework and address conditions that require complex decision making to determine treatment.

Information such as clinical evidence, patient history and physician comments merge with CPMs to propose the best decision path. Together, we drive highly contextual, moment-in-time decisions that minimize inconsistencies and produce the best outcome, at the most appropriate cost, in the context of the patient, provider and venue. This is further advanced by Intermountain’s adaptation of Choosing Wisely® alerts, patterned after the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) foundation campaign. The tool identifies key areas prone to overuse in medical tests. An alert appears early in the process, offers guidance and presents a “soft stop.” The tool is aimed at cutting costs and unnecessary orders. This education session will be on Monday, Oct.12, at 3 p.m.

I also look forward to showcasing a new care management approach we recently launched, inspired by Amazon. At Intermountain, we are influenced by a variety of outside industries and technologies. In our Care Management Approach to Support session, we compare online shopping and clinical care. Yes, online shopping and clinical care. We will discuss our philosophy of shifting mindsets from a point-to-point concept to managing patients holistically. Today’s “improvement technology” is moving to an individual approach rather than a one-size-fits-all, issue-driven support process. We adopted principles of the Amazon business model and incorporated them into support.

Similar to companies with a business model focused on exceptional customer service, Intermountain aims to manage the experience of our patients. With the help of Cerner’s advanced technology, we created an enhanced end-user support experience with incident logging portal and a user-specific issue portal, dubbed SAMI (Support, Analyze, Manage, and Inform).

Care teams combine proactive, adoption, change and problem management to one view that is presented to the user with one holistic view of the clinical support process. All tickets, all orders and all owners are in one place. In addition, the data provides recommendations to the end user for workflow ease and efficiency. This is similar to when you experience a product recommendation during the online shopping experience. To learn more, join us Monday, Oct. 12, at 1 p.m. on the Value Stage in the Solutions Gallery.

While you are enjoying the Solutions Gallery, come see our Intermountain Healthy Dialogues show in production at our mobile studio. We invite you to come and listen to the conversation as experts give their perspectives on timely and critical health care issues from around the world.

We look forward to sharing information about the Intermountain-Cerner partnership and seeing you in Kansas City.