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March 21 2016
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Cerner’s Application Services organization was recently recognized as the industry leader among top inpatient health information system suppliers in a technical support services report released by Black Book, an independent health care research company. Through this report, Cerner was the “only EHR/HIT offering comprehensive, full, four-level technical support with established clients among the 2,200 survey participants in Q4 2015.” This was a significant win for Application Services. Not only does this demonstrate the power of our end-to-end support approach, it proves that our focus on driving high client satisfaction is paying off.

Application Services is a “one-stop support shop” for Cerner clients. We provide an integrated closed-loop support model to deliver the best support and end user experience. Having all levels of support available to Cerner clients enables them to customize their level of support service to their organization’s needs. Tightly aligning our support organizations has led to cross-organizational collaboration and innovation, resulting in faster and better issue resolution for clients.

Offering end-to-end support helps clients realize the most productive end users, optimally performing solutions and a reduction in their total cost of ownership, resulting in maximum return on investment. Black Book found that “82 percent of hospitals surveyed now insist that comprehensive outsourced tech support from their EHR vendor will be a leading competitive differentiator in 2016.” Since we are the only vendor offering comprehensive, full, four-level technical support, this gives us a competitive advantage now and moving forward.

Clients could potentially be leveraging one vendor for their help desk services, another for their upgrade services and so on, which can lead to an overall disparate support strategy. Black Book President Doug Brown said “Unfortunately, many vendors leave tech support duties and quality to the users and third-party outsourcers, yet it’s turned out to be one of 2016’s most critical components of loyalty to their EHR/HIS.” In fact, Black Book found that “79 percent of those employing third-party tech support are highly dissatisfied with the level of response and the quality of their services.”

Application Services understands the importance of delivering quality support services that yield high client satisfaction. Black Book’s report validates our approach to support – integrated support tiers provide the best outcomes for our clients. Using this approach, we are able to access a tremendous amount of data that helps us identify areas of improvement in each of our support tiers at a near real-time basis. We can also leverage this data to identify individual users who may be struggling in the system and prescribe a resolution before they ever request support. Ultimately, this allows us to provide the best support experience possible for end users, which is a real advantage for both clients and Cerner.