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October 11 2016
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Today we announced the street names of our new campus. We succeeded in creating a physical display of our key motto, “Cerner sits at the intersection of health care and information technology.” It’s something that hasn’t been truly tangible until today.

At Innovations, our buildings will literally sit at the intersection of Health Care and Information Technology.

We’re proud that each element of this campus will reflect our culture and focus. The naming and numbering is a unique way to share the history of health care and translate the language of technology for visitors and associates. It will be a daily reminder of our purpose and passion. 

Each street name within the campus was carefully considered and titled after a pioneer in the field of health care or information technology.

Below is a list and background on the campus roads and their names.

Health Care Pioneers

  • Salk - Jonas Salk, inventor of the polio vaccine
  • Fleming - Alexander Fleming, discovered penicillin
  • Julian - Percy Lavon Julian, notable chemist and pioneered synthesis of medicinal drugs from plants
  • Curie - Marie Curie, pioneer in research on radioactivity, multiple Nobel prizes
  • Pasteur - Louis Pasteur, father of microbiology
  • Jenner - Edward Jenner, discovered the first vaccine (smallpox) and father of immunology
  • Elion - Gertrude B. Elion, pioneer in the development of modern drugs
  • Nightingale - Florence Nightingale, founder of modern nursing
  • Röntgen, Wilhelm Röntgen, a pioneer in the research of X-rays

Computing Pioneers

  • Turing - Alan Turing, father of computer science
  • Hopper - Grace Hopper, inventor of the first compiler for a computer programming language Babbage - Charles Babbage, invented the concept of the programmable computer
  • Boole - George Boole, inventor of Boolean algebra
  • Bartik - Jean Bartik, pioneer in programming and one of the first Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer (ENIAC) developers
  • Knuth - Donald Knuth, pioneer in computer science, algorithms
  • Von Neumann - John von Neumann, pioneer in mathematics, computing and nuclear research
  • Church - Alonzo Church, pioneer in computer science, mathematical logic and lambda calculus
  • Lovelace, Ada Lovelace, the mother of computer science

In addition, we shared that the building numbers also represent powers of two. For those not familiar with programming, this is a common functionality used in computer science and mathematics. When calculated to the power of two, the buildings are:

It’s true that these road names and building numbers will only be used by Cerner associates. And that’s alright, because they will mean the most to these Cerner associates. We get excited about the details that showcase our work. It reminds us of our daily purpose and reinforces the need for impactful, meaningful innovation. This attention to detail reflects the devotion we spend on our clients and our commitment to health care.

Mike Nill,Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Mike Nill Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Cerner


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