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February 12 2016
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As Cerner’s new campus continues to take shape, we’re proud to highlight the many subcontractors that are contributing to the project.

One of the most essential parts of a building design is the windows. The decisions of where they go and how they look end up playing a big part of the office environment. Local company Architectural Glazing Professionals (AGP) is responsible for installing nearly 750 windows at the new Cerner campus.

Established in 1999, Dan and Sherry Hankinson started their commercial glazing company out of their garage. They specialize in general glass and also provide skylights, handrails, mirrors and custom pattern glass.

“Basically, anything to do with glass and glazing,” said Dan Hankinson.   

The skin of the new campus will be detailed with 749 DNA-inspired window openings. That’s more than five times the windows in the White House.

Jointly working with crews from Flynn Midwest, it took AGP only five days to install the first two floors of windows. They average about 15 to 25 windows a day.  The company says it’s about half way complete for tower one, at 45 percent.

“It’s a challenging timeline, but it’s a project we wanted to be a part of. Simply put, it’s a great project for the community with great owners, great architects and a great general contractor,” Dan said.

Did you know?

  • Tower one has 420 windows and tower two has 329 windows.
  • The windows can withstand winds over 100 miles per hour.  
  • AGP Glass is installing around 120,000 sq. ft. of glass for this project. 
  • The largest windows are 450 lbs. and are 5 feet wide and 11 feet high.

AGP Glass has handled big contracts before. They primarily serve the Kansas City area, and their previous work includes Sea Life at Crown Center and Truman Medical Center in Lakewood.

“The Cerner group has taken a blighted part of the city, an eye sore to the community and has revived it. What more can you say,” Hankinson said.  

AGP Glass specializes in new and existing construction that requires custom-build commercial aluminum curtain walls, storefronts, windows and entrances, including all types of custom glass installation ranging from simple interior to custom heavy glass walls and glass entrances. AGP Glass is a subcontractor for Flynn Midwest.

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